I have made a new decision

After doing some serious thinking the past week (which was easy considering I’m banned from the computer), I have decided that doing Twilight Sparkle will give me the best chance for success. My mind seems to be resisting change, possibly partly due to my mild Aspergers and partly do do the logical part of my mind rejecting it, so Twilight, since she is already o much like me, wold be the best choice for success. My goal for the hypnosis is to be able to impose the changes onto my body in the real world, to be able to travel to Equestria in my mind, or both. I apologize for being fickle and indecisive recently, but I am fully committing to Twilight now and will NOT be changing files again. That is a promise. However, my logs will not be coming for about 2 weeks, maybe more due to me being banned from the computer and then going away to camp for a week.

I can’t

I’m sorry, but I will not be continuing Fluttershy. I was already apprehensive around people I don’t know, and she just makes it worse. But more that that, my colorguard season is just around the corner, and my nerves were already the main thing getting in the way of my performance. If I continue FS, those nerves will significantly rise. I will be waiting 1 week, listening to the de-program file every day. Considering my performance issues of nerves, I might do RD in the long term after the week. At any rate, this is far from the end of my pony hypnosis adventure, but I need to take some time to reset my mind from all these files.

Day 2

Today the trance worked much better aside from 1 thing: there are still some residual Twilight effects because I did her for so long, so a horn illusion kept poking through. It felt awkward and ruined my concentration.

Day 1 of Fluttershy (I’m an impatient little nub)

I started Fluttershy earlier than announced, and the results were not very strong, as expected. The physical changes, save the wings, were good though. The only notable effect was me  being more easily startled for about an hour after it was done.


Disregard that last post. I’m not going to be doing Rainbow, but another pony. I haven’t decided yet; I’ll tell when I post the first result. I will be starting in 6 days, after school ends.

A Revelation

Now that I’ve missed the last few days due to a lost iPod, the hypnotically induced desire to continue is wearing off, so I can think more clearly and logically about why exactly I’m continuing. Now, I originally started the Twilight hypnosis in part because I thought it would make me more diligent and less of a procrastinator with homework. I have the knowledge, but for some reason, I get anxiety when I try to get it out. I thought Twilight would help with that, and she hasn’t. Twilight was already a poor choice because I’m so much lie her, so I’ve decided to end my Twilight Sparkle adventure. However, this is not the end of pony hypnosis for me. I’ll wait until saturday for any Twilight effects to wear off before moving on to another pony. Instead of choosing a file that’ll help academically, I’ll do one that’ll help me socially. More specifically, help me be less apprehensive with meeting new people. I don’t wanna do Pinkie, because with the few friends I have, I act a bit like Pinkie, and I don’t think they’d be able to stand me with any significant amount of Pinkie in me. Because it’s mainly getting over the nervousness, I’m choosing Rainbow Dash, which will make me bolder and less nervous, and who knows? She might just help with my aforementioned homework anxiety. In addition, she’s my least favorite of the mane 6 (I personally think she’s a bit of a bitch sometimes :/), so I’ll likely get a new appreciation towards her.

P.S. I feel that this blog is getting a bit clogged with all these old entries. I might just start fresh and delete them all, but I’m not entirely sure yet.

Days 20-28

I haven’t been able to be on at all until now, but there isn’t much to report on anyway. I was unable to do the hypnosis for a few days due to my loosing power. Days 26 and 27 were nothing special. Day 28 (today) was an amazing trance, but it got broken, and I wasn’t able to start it again because I had to go in 30 minutes.

Day 19

My trance got interrupted by my brother today, but I guess that’s what I get for starting it an hour before I have to leave for something with him. The results were virtually the same as yesterday. Nothing tomorrow, so I’m hoping for some more forward progress.

Day 18

Today, I tranced much better than yesterday. Other than that, nothing new to report, however.

Day 17

Today, I didn’t do the hypnosis until late, so I fell asleep during it. Similar results to yesterday, but less profound. I’ll see if I can do it earlier tomorrow (or more specifically, later today for my fellow eastern seaboarders).